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At Traction Motor Service (TMS), we combine cutting-edge technology with the ability to build and re-build every kind of traction motor, including those made before World War II. Our onsite testing & calibration equipment, coordinate measuring machine & quality control help to ensure that all TMS motor repair & customized manufacturing meet or exceed OEM specifications. All TMS motor repairs meet or exceed OEM specifications.

The wide range of services that TMS offers to mass transit authorities using vehicle powered by AC or DC motors & components includes:

  • New Units Custom Manufactured
  • Testing
  • Repair, Rebuild & Rewind
  • Calibration
  • Parts Manufacturing
    (e.g., Bearing Cartridges)
  • Stator Core Building
  • VPI Rotational Cure

Our services that are specific to AC motors include:

  • Rotor Assembly Manufacturing
  • Rotor Replacement
  • Rotor Balancing
  • Load Testing to 310 KW

Our services that are specific to DC motors include:

  • Armature Balancing
  • Armature Undercutting
  • TIG Welding
  • Spin Seasoning
  • Back-to-Back Motor Testing
  • Transformers, Motor Reactors
  • Line Reactors

In obtaining work from transit authorities, the lowest bidder may get the initial contract, but the company with the most engineering know-how
and commitment to providing quality service keeps the business over the long-term.

Traction Motor Service (TMS) provides machining & fabrication of
shafts and traction-related components to many of the world’s largest
transit authorities, including:

  • NJ Transit
  • PATH
  • Baltimore MTA light rail
  • Baltimore MTA heavy rail

Traction Motor Service (TMS) is a full-service custom manufacturing motor repair center specializing in the electro-mechanical repairing, re-building, rewinding and re-manufacturing a wide variety of AC & DC motors and generators used in mass transit rail applications. TMS brings to every job immediate customer response, quick project turnaround and excellent engineering capabilities at a fair price.

TMS is based in North Huntingdon, PA, 20 miles southeast of Pittsburgh, Irwin Exit 67 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike.